Forgotten Realms: Classic

The Search for the Wand of Four Moons

Uktar 30 and the Feast of the Moon

1. The party receives a letter from Lady Areleth Icespear. She requests the party’s aid in recovering the Wand of Four Moons, a holy artifact associated with the church of Selune.

1.5. Background: The Wand of Four Moons was being transferred from the Morning Watchtower to the festival square on Uktar 29, but an assailant knocked out the guards and made off with the Wand. It is the following morning and Icespear tells you that there are witnesses being held at the jai.

2. The party interrogates the witnesses at Deadsnows Jail. Hro’Lazdok, a traveling half-elf, points the party in the direction of Agnar, the Blazon’s kitchen hand.

3. Lonnor, the Blazon’s owner, reveals that Agnar has been acting strange lately. The party posts up around the Blazon. Murphy and the White Hand gang are also called upon to help the party. One of Murphy’s gang claims he saw two Agnars.

4. When the party attempts to confront Agnar, he makes a break for it. The party pursues Agnar to an abandoned building. Mangus follows the kitchen boy through a trap door that descends into a tunnel.

5. Agnar’s real identity is revealed to the party. A young rakshasa fights for his life against the party, but Mangus and Vremya dispatch the beast with practiced ease. On its person, they find the Wand of Four Moons.

6. The party returns the Wand to Lady Icespear. She pays them 15gp each.

Unanswered Questions: Where does the tunnel lead in the abandoned building? What does a Rakshasa want with the Wand of Four Moons? How does a place like Deadsnows have such a powerful magical artifact like the Wand of Four Moons? Two of the other witnesses (Janessa Rivers and Dominic Heartfall) testified falsely, so what should be done with them? Where did the two guards that were originally guarding the Wand go? What will become of the real Agnar and Lonnor?



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