Grik-Grik Shadowscale

A sly and nimble kobold with delusions of being Bahamut's reincarnation.


Stomping around with other kobolds was never part of Grik-Grik’s past. When his egg was laid, the elders gathered around in awe. His egg was special; a sturdy, swirling gray egg speckled with flakes of obsidian black. Kobold clerics believe such abnormalities to be indicative of something important, and so the clerics carried Grik-Grik’s egg away from the hatchery and into the tribe’s temple. That was the last contact he had with his tribe.

Although he does not know it, most of his tribe was massacred by a group of adventurers days before his hatching. Grik-Grik’s life was spared by one of these mercenaries; an elf called Cestus Spellslinger.

Cestus was separated from the main group during the raid and stumbled into the temple where Grik-Grik’s egg lay. There in the temple, two powerfully built kobolds with dragonhide armor stood between Cestus and an altar, on which lay Grik-Grik’s egg. The kobolds charged Cestus, their weapons flailing wildly. With lightning speed, two rays of purple light shot out from Cestus’ hands and struck each of the kobolds. The kobolds staggered and then fell to the floor, dropping their weapons and clutching vainly at their withering arms.

With the threats neutralized, Cestus approached the egg. He thought to himself it must be important to be guarded. Thinking the egg could hatch into a powerful familiar, Cestus took the egg and stuffed it into his bag of holding.

Cestus and the surviving adventurers returned to Waterdeep. Once back at Blackstaff Tower, Cestus studied every book in the library that had anything to do with familiars. This went on for five days and nights, until the egg began to hatch. Cestus wasn’t sure what to expect, his heart beat madly and he was sweating in anticipation.

Out from the egg crawled a kobold with tiny wings. Its scales were a dark metallic gray, like that of a dense smoke. Cestus was flabbergasted. What in the Hells was he supposed to do with a kobold?

Cestus was about to throw this affront to wizardry into the magic dumpster out back, but as he moved to pick the creature up, it stared into Cestus’ eyes, piercing deep into the cold wizard’s heart. Cestus picked up the baby, holding it in his arms. It opened its mouth and began croaking “grik, grik, grik!” The tiny kobold’s tiny tongue lolled out of the side of its mouth and promptly drooled all over Cestus’ robes.

Disgusted, Cestus nearly dropped the little monster. Grik-Grik cried out in fear and confusion. That’s when Cestus realized what he held in his hands wasn’t a monster at all.

Years later the elf and the kobold still joke about their days at Blackstaff tower. Although the elder mages knew better, Cestus and Grik-Grik tricked the many novices into believing that Cestus actually had a half-dragon familiar. Never having the heart to actually bind the kobold to him, Cestus instead made Grik-Grik an apprentice. When Cestus graduated from Blackstaff Academy, he became a sellspell full-time. Usually entering contracts with Aurora’s Realms Shop, the two would undergo many dangerous missions into Skullport and Undermontain to retrieve magical items and rare alchemical reagents.

Their most recent expedition into the Underdark changed their lives forever. Cestus and Grik-Grik didn’t take many contracts from pushers in Skullport, but this deal was too good to pass up. Completing this quest would bring them renown that would sweep across all of Waterdeep.

To Undermountain they descended and headed straight for the Librarium. Halaster’s legendary hall of tomes was infamous, even among the denizens of Skullport. Many steered clear of the certain death that awaited foolish adventurers that dared to leaf through the pages in dark shadows and darker secrets.

Foolish or not, Cestus and Grik-Grik made it to the Librarium. Confident in Grik-Grik’s unique talents, Cestus waited back while Grik-Grik scouted for traps and enemies. Finding nothing terribly serious, Grik-Grik returned to where Cestus was supposed to be standing, but Cestus was gone. In his place, a scribbled note in draconic. “Bring the book to Silverymoon and you might see your master again.”

Grik-Grik Shadowscale

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