Forgotten Realms: Classic

The Winter Haunt

1. Party reconciles after nearly two years, they meet Teos
2. Lady Icespear meets with Vremya and “Captain Storm” about recent goings-on
3. Party learns the tale of the Winter Haunt
4. Party meets a band of children who are plotting a high-profile burglary
5. Party gets roped into the winter pranks committed by dozens of local children seasonally
6. Party discovers that those that believed in the Winter Haunt were correct- they slay the beast, although the building referred to colloquially as The Port is partially destroyed in the process
7. Lady Icespear awards Vremya five broaches indicating official endorsement by the aristocracy of Deadsnows. Vremya gives one of the broaches to Murphey, and plans to distribute the rest amongst the party.

Treasure and Experience:
-Reached level 2
-Managed to earn esteem from both the Six Fingered Hand and the local aristocracy & guard; however it is difficult to determine how much Lady Icespear knows about what has transpired.
-3x black iron broaches with Lady Icespear’s crest
-1x Sterling-plated broach with Lady Icespear’s crest
-Grik-Grik took a key ring that a guard at The Port once owned

NP Characters:
Krussic- Prisoner and head of the Six Fingered Hand in Deadsnows
Murphey- Krussic’s daughter and heiress to his seat
Timmy, Iskandar, & Fandral- Three former runaways Murphey referred to as her “brothers”
Wilhelm- Owner of the Boarshead Inn, where Vremya is a resident and Isni is a squatter
The Winter Haunt- A Babau Demon that the party has slain and identified as the kidnapper



The Winter Haunt

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