Aseir Pashar

Knife Wielding/Throwing Maverick


Aseir is a 20 year old human who has lived in the Calimshan region his whole life. He has tan skin, hazel eyes, and medium length black hair. He usually wears red and calls himself Aseir the Red. But after some bad luck in Calimshan he decided to change his attire into simple, plain traveler’s cloths. He wears a knife throwers vest that holds 10 daggers (9 now, unknown to Ace), a leg holster with 5 darts, and on his waist he has two sheathed kukris. He has a tattoo on his right bicep that depicts two crossed daggers, which is usually covered by his clothes. He stands about 5’9" and is small and wiry. The downfall of Aseir is his confidence, which is now just cockiness. He believes life, theiving, and adventuring to be a game. A game that he has always won, with ease.


Thieving is an occupation that runs in Aseir’s blood. His father was a great thief and Aseir seemed to catch on very quickly. Aseir wanted nothing more than to earn his father’s approval. Aseir attempted to help on a job and ended up ruining the whole operation. His father was shackled and slung behind bars for a while. During this time Aseir left to the Lake of Steam to attempt to make a name for himself and finally earn his father’s approval. He met many people and did many deeds in The Lake of Steam, only to come back to Calimshan. Aseir is now 20 and has made connections with a plethora of different theives guilds in the area. He has also made some bad connections and infamy to go with his fame. After realizing his situation he decided to go adventuring, away from Calimshan. Not only to find fame, but also to find a way to pay off the bounties on his head.

He’s like a Maverick ya know? He just doesn’t give a shoot.

Aseir Pashar

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