Forgotten Realms: Classic

Uktar 15

After a less than successful day of hunting displacer beasts in the Shaar, Mangus finds his party scattered across the windswept plains. The displacer beasts had gotten the jump on his party and the survivors were now isolated in the treacherous fields. It was dusk and Mangus would have to find shelter: it would be difficult to detect a predator approaching in the oncoming darkness.

The stars slowly came out and the bright moon rose overhead. Great waves of winds rose and fell upon the land. Mangus made his way towards a distant mountain range, following the moon.


It was a long walk and the song of the blown grasses muffled his approach. As he got closer, Mangus spotted a burning campfire. He sheathed his greatsword and crept closer. Three figures swayed around the fire, upon which sat a large black cauldron. Mangus pondered the situation for a moment and slowly stood up. Soft murmurs emanated from the three. Mangus’s footsteps on the hard ground, roused their attention.


At once, the three swiveled themselves to face Mangus. Three female, humans clad in black robes gazed upon him. They were middle aged and still and stared disappointedly at the hunter.

“You’re not the one we are expecting.” one declared.

“No matter, we can answer your questions.” They waved him to the cauldron and pointed into it. Mangus peered into the boiling pot. The roiling water and steam gave way to a vision…

…In it Mangus stood in the corner of a dark room. The room was messy and cluttered: books and scrolls covered nearly every surface. Flasks and vessels lined shelves and cobwebs bridged the gaps. A low-burning lantern sat on a desk, illuminating a pen and inkwell, and parchment. Mangus stepped out from the corner and approached the desk. The pen floated into the air, dipped itself into the inkwell and began drafting upon the parchment. Slowly a map began to take form as the pen scrawled across the page. At once his vision became blurry and the room began to darken. He squinted his eyes to clearly see the map but it would not focus. Just as darkness enveloped him and he was pulled into the corner from whence he came, a black cat leaped onto the desk…

Mangus came to lying on the ground next to the cooking fire. It was still night and the moon hidden behind the mountain range. The three figures were gone and the wind was still. The cauldron was missing and in its place a small iron pot. Mangus carefully lifted the lid and was greeted by the smell of rabbit stew.



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