Forgotten Realms: Classic

Uktar (The Rotting) 14

Nearly two years after his original expedition to Deadsnows, Aseir wakes in his remodeled hovel in the City of Splendors around noon-ish with a slight hangover. He makes his way down the city streets listening and gently weaving in and out of the crowd of passersby all the while using his dexterous hands to pick peoples pockets only stealing from those with excess and never stealing too much. He’s approached by a young scrangly courier who presents him with a letter, “Aseir, the Red?” Aseir shrugs and looks up and down his outfit with it’s very heavy deep crimson accents and pulls at his red cloak… “It is safe to say that I am. So…what do you want?” “Message for you, sir.” The boy hands Ase the letter, and keeps his hand open and waiting. Aseir reads the letter carefully:


Deadsnows!? V!? Who do I know with the letter V? It has to be the one and only…well shit. Haven’t heard from her in years. And Deadsnows!? Why would I ever go back to Deadsnows? That back woods village with that woman…Icespear was her name…that wretch she feels so entitled and how could she not being the proprietor of that despicable miserable little mining town. So uncivilized. She’s lucky she’s attractive. But why would Vremya want me back in that town. She knows I would never want to voluntarily go back…if that’s the case she must have a reason worthwhile for my appearance and she has never let me down to date. Therefore I must go, I’ll leave soon. I just need to…

“What are you still doing? You gave me my letter now lea…Oh! Of course!” Ase reaches into his pockets and pulls out whatever gold he has inside and gives it to the boy. Ase gives him a smirk, “don’t spend it all in one place. No go.”

I’m going to need some money for this venture…couldn’t thing of a better reason to bring out Ullydin’s old pigs…



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