Forgotten Realms: Classic

Deadsnows 1369 DR

Vremya and company, explore the wilderness surrounding Deadsnows in search of a magic item. Under the direction of Lady Icespear company investigates monster attacks, abandoned homesteads, and a haunted mansion. Following their success, the party partly breaks up and returns personal affairs.


Grik-Grik left Deadsnows almost immediately after returning from the Underkdark. He traveled west by southwest down the fork road, passing Sundabar, Silverymoon, and eventually Everlund. After this final monolith of civilization, Grik-Grik began his true pilgrimage into the High Forest.

The little kobold had a vivid dream his first night in the High Forest. He dreamed of the largest tree imaginable, the treetops stretching into the heavens. When he awoke, he said a quick prayer to Bahamut to keep it safe.

After some time in the forest, he made his way to the Lost Peaks. This was the final part of his pilgrimage. Searching for what felt like weeks, he finally found his quarry: a cave. He sniffed the air. Whatever creature laid here before him was long gone.

Grik-Grik unpacked and made this cave his new home. His mission: to amass a hoard of gold and trinkets, praying all the while to Bahamut for guidance. Having both some training in trap-making and spellcasting, Grik-Grik outfitted his lair with layers of protection.

After a year of this solitude, his work finally came to fruition. Bahamut spoke, or so Grik-Grik believes. A whisper in his ear, a subtle scent of acrid smoke, and his path was clear.

Deciding to travel light, Grik-Grik left the majority of his hoard in his cave, leaving his traps and spells to guard it. Once preparations were complete, he wasted no time in returning to Deadsnows.

Deadsnows 1369 DR

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